About us

Hello there, let us introduce ourselves!

We’re Steph and Seb, owners of a small atelier focusing on simple, colorful and elegant leather products. We like functional and long-lasting accessories.

Have you ever heard of slow fashion? It’s about reviewing our consuming habits and prioritizing less, but higher quality, sustainable and ethically made fashion items.

We started playing around with leather in 2019, since then we spend every bit of spare time looking for fresh designs, original items to craft and new people to serve.
Most of our customers get in touch with us because they need something specifically made for them, either to simplify or upgrade their everyday accessories or because they own a bespoke leather good that they love, but it’s getting a bit tired and needs a bit of care.
In this world, where “use and dispose”  is one of society’s biggest challenge, we like to see ourselves as problem-solvers, personalized gifts makers and merchants of high-quality, life-lasting and aesthetic leather goods. The saying “you buy cheap, you buy twice” has never been so true!
We are committed to operate our business in the most sustainable way and to limit our environmental footprint by using 100% plastic-free, eco-friendly and reusable packaging. We try to work with local suppliers and support small businesses as much as possible. By carefully selecting our raw materials from partners that share our concerns and cherish ethical values, we do our part to support a more sustainable, equitable and greener economy.
Thank you for supporting our small business!